Writing Tips Wednesday: Always Write

If I’ve learned anything as a writer it is that you can read a million “How To Write” books and take college creative writing classes, but you will teach yourself the most valuable writing tips.

My writing tip today that I learned from myself is ALWAYS WRITE!

The most helpful thing to me has been getting this blog. I’m forced to write a couple times a day, or more if I want to work ahead. It’s also nice because I can write posts like this one.

It doesn’t matter what you write, so long as you WRITE!

Recently I found that I really like to write fanfiction! It’s fun because it already has it’s own characters and background information, you just plug those characters into your own story.

So, if you haven’t tried fanfiction I HIGHLY recommend it. Try it with your favorite movie or TV show!

Now, there is just one problem with blogging and fanfiction. Wait I just said write no matter what? What am I talking about? Well, although it’s important to write everyday no matter what you are writing, you MUST also make time to write your novel or whatever creative work you are meant to be writing.

So, WRITE WRITE WRITE and MAKE TIME to write your novel.

I have gotten myself in a bit of a hole in which I write a little too much fanfiction and am not working on my novel enough.

But you know what, at least I’m writing and not playing video games or watching TV. (Although that in itself it beneficial to writing, but that is a post for another day.)