The Stolen Girl


The Stolen Girl: A Short Story by Lore Scarlet

There’s only one way to kill a vampire: stake them through the heart.


I picked at the floorboard and tried to pry the wood off. My fingers were bleeding, and my nails were broken off. I’d been picking at it for days, but I finally managed to pull a nail out.


I breathed a sigh of relief that was inaudible through the sounds of screaming and crying all around me. I was crammed in a cage with several of the other stolen girls. Across the room was a cage filled with stolen boys.


We were all stolen from our packs or homes, and taken here to be chosen by the princes or the King. The chosen ones get to live in a nice room, and are drunk from each day by the royal vampires. They are never drunk from until their veins are dry.


That’s what we are for. The stolen ones that are unchosen. We were disposable.


Each day Miss Death, one of the vampire servants of the castle, randomly choses one of us. I stopped counting days by measures of time, and by girls taken from the cage. We were at eight girls by today.


“It’s hopeless,” a girl next to me said in between sniffles.


“Then you will surely be chosen soon,” I said it like it was a curse.


I managed to break the floorboard off, and it made for  a decent sized stake. I wore a loose white cotton dress, so I tucked it into the band of my underwear.


Dread filled me as Miss Death approached us. She had a face like a skull surrounded by wiry brown hair.


Don’t pick me, I thought over and over again like a mantra.


She opened the cage and blindly grabbed onto one of us. I felt her cold hands on my shoulder and I felt like the world was crumbling down on me. She tied a rope around my hands and pulled me out of the cage.


“You’ll do, human,” she said.


“I have a name, vampire. It’s Dia.”


“Well, Dia, you’re lucky,” she told me. “You’ll become the life blood of the King.”


She said it like I won the grand prize.


When she turned back around and walked up the stairs, I tried to get out of the ropes.


We went up a winding staircase and I knew I would be alive until we reached the top. I had to get out of these ropes, stake her in the heart, and run free. That was the only way.


But my fingers hurt so badly from pulling out the floorboard. I wanted to cry out in pain, but I tried to swallow it down. I could do this. I made it this far.


I let my legs give out under me, and I collapsed against the staircase. I fell a few steps.


As the servant scrambled to get me, I grabbed my stake from under my dress.


“Come on,” the servant said. “We need to get up to the King.”


“Neither of us are going up to the King,” I told her and I shoved the stake up, into her ribs, and right into her heart.


She fell lifeless onto the staircase before me.


“That’s for every girl you pulled from the cage,” I said and pulled my stake from her.


I kept my stake in front of me as I stepped off of the staircase, and into a hallway. I didn’t know where anything was in the castle, and I had no idea how to get out. I was blind.


There was a guard at the end of the hall. I quickly opened the first door that I could find and closed it behind me.


I found myself in an incredible room. It had walls that dripped water like from waterfalls, and scattered around the floor and on easels were beautiful paintings of a girl who I recognized. She was the stolen girl chosen by Prince Adrian.


I turned and found her on the bed, her eyes closed and she was covered in blood. She was dead.


In a flash the door was open and the guard was inside. I held the stake in my hand. He was suddenly at my throat, fangs bared and piercing into my throat. But as I felt the fangs hit my flesh, I quickly shoved my stake up. He cried out, but it didn’t kill him. I had missed his heart.


He wrapped one of his hands around my throat. I could feel his nails elongate into claws, scratching my neck. I cried out in pain. His other hand was at my stomach and he stabbed me. It felt like a knife was in my stomach. I gasped and felt blood dripping from the wound.


I used what little energy I had left to push him, and he fell onto an art easel. It broke into several pieces of wood. I quickly grabbed one of the pieces, and I shoved it into his chest. This time it hit his heart.


I was exhausted and filled with pain, but I ran to the window along the wall. My fingers still seared with pain as I tried to raise the window, but I was losing more and more blood.


I tried to keep conscious, but I fell down to the ground, onto all the paintings, now stained with my blood.




I woke up in the woods, under a full moon.


I screamed as I saw Prince Adrian and the girl he had chosen staring down at me.


I scrambled back, and it then occurred to me that my wounds were gone and I felt no pain.


“What’s going on?” I asked.


“You were near death,” Prince Adrian said. “I found you as I got my Princess from her room.”


“But she was dead!”


Undead,” she corrected. “As are you. We are vampires now.”


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The Vampire Prince

The Vampire Prince: A Short Story by Lore Scarlet


My brother had found his princess, and I had found mine. There were just two little problems.


Okay, two big problems.


The first problem was that she could never be my princess, because she was human. The other problem was that I’d never actually met her. I’ve only seen her through the windows of the bakery that she works at.


But I’m no stalker–just a coward.


Each night, I could get away in the hour before dawn. I dressed in a plain shirt and ragged pants, climbed down the castle walls on a vine, and visited her bakery.


In a month I was going to turn sixteen, and just as my brother had, there would be a big masquerade ball held for me. There they would reveal my face, and I was to find my princess.


But I was tired of living a life of royalty and all of the manners and fancy clothes. I just wanted to run away and live with my pauper princess, and so I finally decided to meet her.


I patted my pocket to make sure my present was in it, and I stepped into the bakery. Even over the smells of bread and cakes I could smell her. Her skin smelled sweet like sugar, and her blood smelled like honey. I clenched my hand into a fist. I couldn’t let my fangs slide out.


She had raven-black hair, and green eyes. She wore a simple red dress, but there was nothing simple about her. She was beautiful.


“Hello,” I said nervously.


“Hi,” she said.


Being around her was too much. She was intoxicating.


I ran to the counter, and I placed the silver and emerald necklace on it, before turning around and running back to the castle.


Even if my fangs didn’t come out, I was too nervous to stay anyway.




“Hello again,” she said as I walked in the next night.


“Hi…I’m sorry for running off.” I placed a pearl bracelet on the counter. “I hope this can make up for it.”


She smiled and put the bracelet on. I noticed she was also wearing my necklace.


“I love the gifts,” she told me. “But honestly, I’d just like to get to know you.”


“Really?” I asked incredulously.


“Don’t act surprised,” she said and laughed. “Surely I am not your only ladylove!”


I smiled sheepishly. “You would be surprised…”


“Don’t joke.”


“I’m not, truly,” I said. “Now, what may I call my only ladylove?”


“Lissa.” Blush blossomed on her perfectly round cheeks. “And you?”




“Adrian, meet me at the river behind this bakery tomorrow so that I may know you better.”


And the next night I did.


We spoke of nothing and everything. We spoke of poetry and nature, and her hatred of vampire. The ones who are responsible for making her live the lowly life of a pauper.


I hoped someday she may change her mind.




One night she kissed me, and my fangs slid out. My instincts wanted me to bite into that sweet and soft neck, but instead I had to run off, like the coward I was.


The next times that I met her, I was able to kiss her longer and longer, but I always had to leave before dawn—with no explanation.


“I wish we could be together always,” she told me.


“As you wish,” I told her with a wicked grin.




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“Give me your hand,” I told her the next night.


“Which one?”


“Whichever you desire a ring to go on,” I said with a smirk.


She smiled widely and held out her left hand. I slid a beautiful ring that had a clear gem onto her ring ringer.


“Ouch!” She cried out, and pulled her finger out.


I took the ring from her. The gem was now blood-red. “I’m sorry about the ring. I’ll get you a better one.”


The truth was it was not just a ring for a proposal of marriage. It was a ring for a proposal to an eternity together.


Her blood in the ring would cause her to appear dead by dawn. By nightfall, only I could save her, and make her mine.


She would become my vampire princess.


Dawn began to creep on the horizon, and she fell to her side. “I’m so tired…” she whispered.


I bent down and kissed her. “I’ll see you tonight, my princess.”




That night, I found her buried behind the bakery.


I clawed into the earth, digging until I found my diamond in the rough. I brushed away the dirt, sank my teeth into her neck, and sucked the blood from her veins until they were dry.


I spread apart her cold, dead lips.


I sank my fangs into my wrist and dripped my blood into her mouth. Only I could bring her back to life.


In moments she gasped for air and sat up no longer as a human, but a vampire.


“No!” She felt her new fangs. “What have you done?”


“You wanted to be together always.” I grabbed her hands. “Now we can!”


She slapped my hands away. “I meant in marriage, not like this!”


“We can get married,” I explained. “I am one of the vampire princes. So, we can live as royalty, or we can run away together! Whatever my princess wants!”


“I cannot be your princess! How could I love you if the only Adrian I know was a lie?” Tears streamed down her face. “You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing!


“I know I never told you that I was a vampire, but that doesn’t matter now!”


Her tears slowed, and her face was blank. “Adrian, I could never love a monster.”


I fell back, my hands at my sides. “But now we are both monsters.”


“I can’t live like this!” She stood up, and behind her the sun peeked up from the horizon.


“Lissa, come with me! We must hide, or else we will perish in the sun!”


She screamed, “Let me die!”


“No, Come with me!” I fell as dawn descended on us. I could feel the sun scolding my skin. “Lissa, I love you!”


Her arms were spread out. She looked like she was being crucified with the sun as her cross.


I screamed as the sun burned away my skin.


“Adrian, I hate you,” she said as the skin on her lips burned away like paper in a flame. She fell on top of me, and we burned faster.


Soon we would be nothing but dust.

The Vampire Lexicon: Preface

I created a google website and posted a set of short stories on there. You can find that: here.

I will also be posting that content on my blog. Starting with…


Vampires. Those who live by moonlight, stalking through the shadows. Those who exist only through drinking human blood. Those with sharp, fearsome fangs.


Those who are undeniably beautiful monsters. Those who are now in control.


Welcome to this world, where a Vampire King, Queen, and Prince rule the world from an enormous castle.


Vampires are royalty, and humans are subservient. 


Here in The Vampire Lexicon, you will read the accounts of the vampires, beautiful, bloodsucking beings that rule the world, but also of the humans, now the lowest of the species.


Humans. Those who live by lamplight, hiding in the shadows, awaiting the sunlight. Those who are like cattle, existing only as food. Those who are ever so infallibly human.


The vampires and the humans.


These are their stories. 


Now, look inside if you dare…


Meet the Vampire Prince, who would rather be a pauper. He curses his form, and dreams of a lowly life without immortality. An age-old tale, told in a new way. It is the story of the Vampire Prince who falls in love with a Human. It’s a forbidden love, fated with stars that will never cross. It is a love that can only end with broken hearts, and blood.


Meet the Wolf Girl. No, she isn’t really a wolf, she’s quite human. However, now that vampires rule the world, humans are stripped of their humanity. They are animals living in the woods in packs. They are like wolves. The Wolf Girl tried to survive for so long, until she was kidnapped and taken to be nothing but food for a vampire. But that vampire never learned that you shouldn’t play with your food…


But the Wolf Girl is in no way the only human to be stolen.  


Meet the Stolen Ones. The ones who live to serve the vampire, and the Stolen Girl who rises up. But can a human truly rise above those who have become above all? Is The Stolen Girl a female Icarus? Will her wings melt away?


Look inside The Vampire Lexicon to find out.