Splintered by A.G. Howard: Book Review

I love Splintered by A.G. Howard. If you thought you knew Alice in Wonderland, think again! A.G. Howard reinvents Alice in Wonderland with a spooky, Gothic spin.

The white rabbit is now the “white rabid” who is skeletal and covered in muscles, and none to kind. The caterpillar is like the lead role of the movie, the Crow. And, the queen of hearts takes off with her head to the next level.

The main character is Alyssa Gardner is the great-great-great-something granddaughter of the original Alice, and she has been plagued by Alice in Wonderland since she was born. Her mother is insane and thinks she’s at Alice’s tea parties, taking it as far as only eating out of tea cups.

That’s when Alyssa starts seeing that her mother may not be so insane and that Alice in Wonderland is very much real.

I won’t tell you too much more about the plot, except that it’s great. This really is a truly original and captivating rendition of Alice in Wonderland. If you think you’re sick of retellings of it, think again. This is a gem of YA literature.

The characters are great. Alyssa is a great main character, and I am in love with Morpheus and Jeb. (Especially Morpheus)

This book is the first of three and one companion book in the series, so you’ll be busy for a little while with this great rendition of Alice in Wonderland. Give this book a try, you won’t be disappointed, but you might just loose your head…