Interrogate Me Kylo Ren X Reader

You wake up feeling cool metal around your wrists and ankles, and darkness in front of your eyes. You struggle to get out of the restraints to no avail.

A light comes on and in front of you is no other than Kylo Ren, donning his famous helmet and black robes. How did you end up here?

“Where am I?” You shout.

“You’re my guest,” he replies.

“Let me go.”

“You have the information that I need,” he says.

“I’ll never tell you.”

“You know I can take whatever I want,” he says before bringing his hand to the side of your head, concentrating deeply as his eyes penetrate yours.

You feel a pain in your head like something is being taken out, as he describes pieces of your life. You realize that he can read your mind.

“Get out of my head!”

He immediately withdraws his hand from your head and you feel his presence leave. He is no longer reading your mind.

You exhale a sigh of relief.

“I can do that at any time I want, you know,” he says. “Don’t get too comfortable.”

“I wouldn’t count on it,” You say, practically spitting in his face. “It’s hard when there’s a creature in a mask.”

He laughs softly and removes his helmet, revealing silky black waves of hair and smooth pale skin. You hate how attractive he is.

“Now tell me what I need to know,” he says and raises his hand. He smirks as he undoubtedly reads your thoughts of how painfully soft his lips look. “Interesting…” He lowers his hand, and steps towards you. “Perhaps a different technique will work.”

He runs his gloved fingers along your bare arms and goosebumps raise underneath them. You hate every pleasurable feeling you get as his hand reaches your face and cups your chin in his hand. He runs his thumb along your lip and strokes it.

“If I give you what you want,” he says. “Give me what I want.”

“Just let me go,” you say, but your thoughts betray you. There is no place you’d rather be. You don’t even mind being bound. He is all that matters. You don’t even care about the information anymore. All you care about are those soft looking lips.


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