By Chances (Kylo RenXReader)

You eat lunch alone in the courtyard of First Order High like you do every day.
But out of the corner of your eye you see a mess of black hair over pale skin. You turn away from your lunch and see the boy walk over to a brick wall and punch it, hard. His fist comes back bleeding, and dripping red on the ground.

He turns to you and cocks his head to the side. You’ve never seen him before.

He’s wearing black jeans with a black v-neck shirt under a leather jacket.

You’re wearing leggings and a t-shirt, but you feel underdressed, like you should be wearing something stunning in front of a guy so…so…gorgeous.

“Ren!” A ginger haired boy says and runs over to the boy, slapping him on the back. “C’mon let’s go.”

“Alright,” Ren mumbles, while staring at you. He turns away from you and walks away with the ginger haired boy.


That night you go to the rock venue that you often attend, where local bands play. That’s when you see him show up on stage. He has a guitar slung across his body and he’s in front of the mic.

When he sings it’s like electric static running through your body. The bassbeat of the bassist, who you recognize as the ginger haired boy feels like a heartbeat. On drums is a girl with short blonde hair.

As Ren sings he locks eyes with you. The lyrics are a love song and it feels like he’s singing them right to you.

You can’t help but stare back at him, your body electric and your heartbeat bouncing.

When the song is over, he doesn’t even put away his guitar, he runs right to you and he takes your cheek in his hand and kisses you hard. You feel his warm and soft mouth against yours and kiss him back.

When he pulls back he sheepishly grins. “Hey, I’m Kylo Ren.”

Author’s Note: Not the greatest story, but I had fun writing it. Not so little known fact is that I’m obsessed with Kylo Ren, so naturally I had to write a Kylo Ren fanfiction. Also, the featured image is misleading, this isn’t Reylo, this is Kylo RenXReader.

(Featured Image)


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