I’ll Never Let You Go (Kylo Ren X Reader)

Darkness surrounds you but all you can see is his face. You remember his short wavy black hair, and chocolate brown eyes. You remember every mole on his face like a connect-a-dot puzzle. You used to trace them together with your hands.

It’s cold, and wet, and dirty, but all you remember is being warm next to him back then.

Back when you both trained to be Jedi under Luke Skywalker. Those years seem like a lifetime ago.

Back when he betrayed everyone, including you.

All you can see is his face as he stood over you with a lightsaber, and started to bring it down–but he hesitated. He didn’t say a word as he disappeared.

You and Luke were the only survivors.

You should hate him, but you can’t help it that you still love him. You still love Ben Solo. Because the boy he was that day was not Ben Solo, no, that day he killed Ben Solo.

You hear footsteps and then see a stormtrooper in front of your cell. You were kidnapped by Kylo Ren and held captive. You didn’t know what you were about to face. You were after all, part of the resistance, and they knew it.

The stormtrooper opens up the cell and places handcuffs on you. “Follow me,” he says.

He takes you to a room with a chair with several straps on it, and throws you into the chair. You try to escape, but his grasp is too strong. You’re locked into the chair.

The stormtrooper leaves you alone in darkness.

It isn’t long before the door slides open and a robed and hooded figure steps into the room. He is wearing a black helmet that conceals his face. It is no other than Kylo Ren. You’re filled with fear. He turns on a switch that fills the room with red light.

He stops suddenly in front of you.

“You’re the girl?” He asks. His voice is full of surprise.

“Not what you expected?”

“Not exactly, Y/N.” He says.

“How do you know my name?” You demand.

To answer he removes his helmet revealing a familiar face. It’s the face you see in your dreams, in your daydreams, in your nightmares. It’s Ben Solo.

“No, it can’t be,” you say and shake your head.

“It’s me, Y/N,” he says. “And we’re together again.”

“No, no we’re not,” you say. “You killed anything we had long ago along with the others.”

“We’ll see about that,” he says and leans forward. He’s so close that you can feel his breath on your lips. He holds his hand up.

You know exactly what he’s doing and your thoughts betray you. You remember your first kiss. You remember cold nights snuggling together. You remember everything that is Ben Solo.

“My name is Kylo Ren now,” he says. “But it’s still me, Y/N. We can still be together. That’s why you’re here afterall.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been searching for you ever since I lost you. You left the island and so I sent stormtroopers out throughout the galaxy. And I finally found you. It was all for you.”

“If your idea of all for me is throwing me in a cell, I don’t want to be a part of this. Ben Solo died that day.”

“But I’m better now, stronger now. I can protect you now.”

“You couldn’t even protect me from yourself,” you say. Maybe he didn’t leave external scars, but the internal scars run deep.

“I will keep you here until you see, until you see that we are meant to be,” he says and leaves the room.

He never lets you go.


Matty Was Missing

Matty was missing.
For someone who was missing, I couldn’t run away from him, even if I wanted to.
We lived in a small town, where everyone knows everyone and everything. So, when Matty went missing, the missing person posts went everywhere the next day, was all the local news talked about.
Everyone had their idea of where he was. That he ran away. That he killed himself. That the serial killer, the Night Wriath, got him. Afterall, he’d killed teenage boys in the counties near us.
I shook my head at each speculation, because Matty was still alive for all we knew.
He had to be alive…
Afterall, there was no evidence to say otherwise. All anyone knew was that Matty’s blue Volkswagen Beatle was found, abandoned, in a mall parking lot. That he hadn’t made any purchases since he’s been missing. That I was the last person to see him.
He was happy then. It had been a full moon, and as we were both Wiccan, we did Full Moon Rituals for happiness and prosperity, and he left my house with his big smile on his face. Yeah, it was late, midnight or so, but he always left late like that.
I held onto the pentacle Matty had given me, it was on a black string, with letter beads that spelled out, “Willow”, my name.
I relied on the white magic behind Wicca. I tried every spell I could think of. I begged my Patron Goddess, Freya, to find him.
But Matty was still missing and it had been a week.
One night I fell to the ground, and I cried out, “If there is anyone out there, good, evil, help me find Matty!”
I cried a long time, and I guess I eventually fell asleep.
When I dreamt, I was in a forest that I’d never been in. I felt ike there was a string attached to me, and someone was pulling me along through the forest, until the pull stopped in a clearing.
When I looked in front of me, I screamed.
Matty was looking at me with lifeless, white eyes, his head on the ground. The rest of his body was in pieces, scattered around me.
I jolted awake, and started to get out of bed to turn a light on, as if that would chase away the nightmare. But, when I did, I saw dirt in my bed, and covering my legs. I jumped onto the floor, and stepped away from the bed, but I wished I stayed in bed.
When I looked down, Matty’s lifeless head was looking up at me, and his body was spread around him. There was a brown book next to him.
I look at Matty again, so I pushed him under my bed. I picked up the book, and saw that the title was, “Spells.”
There was a piece of paper wedged in it like a bookmark, and I turned to that page. The page said, “A Spell of Resurrection.”
There was no way that this was white magic, it couldn’t be.
I saw that the piece of paper read, “You’re Welcome. ~Asmodeous.” A demon. This was black magic.
But Matty wasn’t missing. Matty was dead, and he was under my bed.
Matty was my first love, and we had two amazing years together. I needed Matty.
I had to do the spell. I had to use black magic.
The spell read, “Requirements: needle and thread, chalk, knife, five candles, and one soul.”
But, if it took my soul to bring Matty back, then I would do it.
I looked down at Matty, and I closed his white eyes. I gritted my teeth as I picked up each body part and sewed Matty’s body back together.
I drew a pentagram, along with the required symbols around it. I then placed the candles on each point of the star. I lit the candles, and cut my palm, dripping blood on Matty.
In a shaky voice I read the spell outloud.
After I spoke the words, nothing happened. I sighed. I was feeling numb all over. I was like an empty shell.
Suddenly Matty’s fingers twitched, and then his hands closed and opened, and then his eyes opened, no longer white, but blue and full of life!
He groaned and started to sit up.
“Matty…” I whispered. But, I saw that I was no longer in my body. I was next to my body, but when tried to touch Matty, my hand went through him.
He sat up, and the thread I had sewn him together with faded, and he was completely back to life.
He looked in horror as he saw my lifeless body. He cradled my body in his arms, screaming, “Willow!” Over and over again.
I was screaming, but he couldn’t hear me.
My parents ran in, shocked, and rushed to my now, lifelfess body, being held by the now, full of life Matty.
I screamed, but no one could hear me.
The floor suddenly cracked open, with fire crackling. Matty didn’t seem to see it.
A grey-skinned man with long black hair flew out of the crack on black wings. He tipped a wide brimmed hat. “Nice to meet you.”
“Asmodeous,” I said. “What have you done?”
“Me?” He said and laughed. “That was all you. You asked, and you received.”
“But what’s happened to me?”
“Well, let’s see…” He snapped his fingers and the Spell Book was in his hands. He opened it to the Resurrection Spell page. “Requirements: Needle and thread, blah, blah, blah, and…OH,, and what’s this? A soul.”
“But, doesn’t that happen when I die?”
“It happens when I want your soul, and I want your soul…” He said softly and slowly, but in a furious flap of his wings he was in front of me. His eyes were ablaze with a orange fire and he roared, “NOW!”
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I Was Nobody (Kylo Ren x Reader)

The feeling of dread sits in as it is almost choosing time. You don’t know how many years it’s been, time has moved so slowly. But as bad as the conditions are here, you dread the conditions out there, you don’t know who you’re going to or worse: what they want.

They herd you into a line with the others, all dressed in scantily clad clothing, rags really, and chains. The chains around your wrists and ankles are cold and heavy. As much as you long for them to be gone, you’re afraid to be chosen.

A tall man with ginger hair walks in, head to toe in black. He looks up and down at all the girls before he stops at you.

“Her,” he says, pointing to you. “She will do.”

“Are you sure?” The slave owner says. “She’s so plain.”

“No, he’s perfect for him.”

You wonder who “he” is.

“C’mon, girl,” the slave owner says and drags you out of the line and towards the man. “Do you want her shackles removed?”

“No,” he says. “But give the key in case he wants them removed.”

The slave owner drags you out of the room and follows the man down the hall and into the ship docking bay. She throws you into the back of the ship.

“You should consider yourself lucky,” she says. “You do realize who is your new owner don’t you, slave?”

“What? Who?” You say quickly but she disappears.

The man stands over you and cracks his knuckles. “Stay quiet and don’t make yourself known until we get there. And even when we get there you will do as I say, is that clear?”

You nod slowly.

The ride to wherever you’re going doesn’t last long, and when the ship stops the man drags you to your feet.

“Now, you must do what he says. You’re his now.” He says. “Now, follow me.”

You follow him down a dark hallway until you reach a black door. The door opens after he unlocks it with a passcode. Looking inside you realize it’s a bedroom and your heart sinks into your throat. So that’s what you’re here for.

There is a small bed in the corner and a big bin in the middle filled with what looks like ashes.

“Wait here on the bed,” he says and disappears.

It isn’t long before you hear voices outside of the door and the door opens up.

“What is it that you got for me, Hux?” the voice says. His voice sounds garbled like it’s under some kind of apparatus.

In walks a tall man dressed in long robes with a black scarf and a black helmet on. Behind him is Hux, the ginger-haired man.

“What did. You. Get. Me?” The man in the helmet says.

“I got you a slave girl for your birthday, Ren,” Hux says.

“A slave girl?” Ren asks.

“What’s your name, girl?” Hux asks you.

“Y/N,” you mutter.

“Speak up,” Hux says and you repeat your name.

“Y/N…” Ren says softly.

“Do you like her?” Hux asks.

“Get out,” Ren says suddenly. It’s apparent that he’s the one in charge.

“Enjoy your gift,” Hux says before leaving.

Ren paces the room and smooths his hair over his helmet.

“Y/N…” Ren says. “My name is Kylo Ren.”

You jolt a little bit. THE Kylo Ren?

“Are you comfortable?”

The question surprises you, isn’t he supposed to be the most evil guy in the galaxy second to Snoke?

“I’m okay,” you admit. The bed is the most comfortable thing you’ve sat on in years. You were used to sleeping on a pile of hay.

Suddenly he reaches up and removes his helmet. You see a flash of black wavy hair and smooth pale skin. He has soft looking pink lips. Kylo Ren is beyond gorgeous and you can’t believe it. THE Kylo Ren. You must have looked shocked because an amused smile lilts on those perfect lips.

“Not what you expected?”

“Not exactly,” you admit.

“What do you think I’m going to do to you?” Kylo asks you.

You’re mind goes a million places.

“It’s my birthday you know,” he says.

“I heard,” you say. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you,” he says and crosses his arms. “To be honest, the idea of a slave is preposterous. Hux is so stupid sometimes. I can have whatever I want you know. And he thinks I need a slave to get what I want?”

“Sorry,” you say.

“Don’t be sorry, Y/N” he says and he walks towards you, extending his gloved hand forward. You jolt back. ”What’s wrong?”

“I’m not used to being called by that name,” you say. “It’s usually ‘girl’ or ‘slave”.”

“Y/N…It’s a beautiful name,” Kylo says and he strokes your cheek.

“Thank you,” you whisper.

He drops his hand to the side and watches you with curious eyes.  “Don’t be afraid,” he says. “I’m not going to do anything to you.”


“Well, I am going to get you a room here, and a job,” he says. “How does that sound, Y/N?”


“Yes,” Kylo says and smiles softly. “You deserve so much more.”

He leans forward and kisses you on the cheek and your skin feels electric under those soft lips.

“Welcome to the First Order, Y/N.”

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Writing Tips Wednesday: Always Write

If I’ve learned anything as a writer it is that you can read a million “How To Write” books and take college creative writing classes, but you will teach yourself the most valuable writing tips.

My writing tip today that I learned from myself is ALWAYS WRITE!

The most helpful thing to me has been getting this blog. I’m forced to write a couple times a day, or more if I want to work ahead. It’s also nice because I can write posts like this one.

It doesn’t matter what you write, so long as you WRITE!

Recently I found that I really like to write fanfiction! It’s fun because it already has it’s own characters and background information, you just plug those characters into your own story.

So, if you haven’t tried fanfiction I HIGHLY recommend it. Try it with your favorite movie or TV show!

Now, there is just one problem with blogging and fanfiction. Wait I just said write no matter what? What am I talking about? Well, although it’s important to write everyday no matter what you are writing, you MUST also make time to write your novel or whatever creative work you are meant to be writing.

So, WRITE WRITE WRITE and MAKE TIME to write your novel.

I have gotten myself in a bit of a hole in which I write a little too much fanfiction and am not working on my novel enough.

But you know what, at least I’m writing and not playing video games or watching TV. (Although that in itself it beneficial to writing, but that is a post for another day.)

The Fey Danced The Night Away

It wasn’t the first time that my mom threw a plate at me, it was the first time I threw one back at her. I didn’t want to find out what she was going to throw at me next, and that’s why I ran away from home.

Running out the back door, I could still hearing her screaming, so I kept running. I ran through the backyard, and into the woods behind our house. Tears blurred my vision, and I didn’t stop until I couldn’t hear her screams.

I finally looked around me, and away from the streetlights and porch lights, it was the darkest night I had ever seen. I could only see the faint grey shapes of trees.

I was lost, and as much as it frightened me, I also felt at ease. The forest seemed safer than my mother did.

I took a few steps, deeper into the forest, and that’s when I heard faint music! Flutes and drums and accordions playing somewhere in the distance.

I thought maybe I was going insane, but, what did I have to loose?

I wandered forward, and the music got louder. I saw light through the branches, and that lanterns hung on tree branches and illuminated the area.

There was a large circular clearing where the grass and brush was worn down. In the clearing was a party.

There were creatures dancing all around. They were beautiful. Some had a pale skin tone, that seemed to glitter under the lantern light, and others had skin in hues of green and purple and blue. All of them had wings like dragonflies on their backs.

On the edge of the circle, five of the creatures were playing music.

I realized that they were of the fey. But these faeries were unlike any faeries that I had heard of. These were as tall as humans.

Only one of them seemed to notice me, and he was the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen, though, he was no boy. He was definitely a faerie.

He had a cascade of wild black hair that fell in waves along his shoulders. His skin was pale, but glittered with gold glints, and he had large golden-tinted wings on his back. He wore an open brown vest, and a pair of loose brown pants that ended in a ragged edges at his knees.

I walked out of the trees, and some of the others noticed me.

“Join us! Join us!” Some of them cried out.

My first thought was that I didn’t know how to dance, and then my second thought was that I wasn’t sure if any of this was real at all.

But, then the gorgeous faerie boy stepped out of the circle, and he held out his hand with a wide smile on his face. “Dance with me, lovely.”

It wasn’t a question, but I’m sure he knew the answer.

I took his hand, and it felt so warm in my hand, and the heat radiated throughout my body. It was such a welcome feeling from the cold, dark forest that I was in moments ago.

“What is your name, lovely?” He asked me.

“Mara,” I told him. “And, you?”

“I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you,” he said with a wink, and I felt a chill run across my skin.

He pulled me into the circle, and I was in the middle of the raucous crowd of dancing faeries. His hand still held one of mine, and the other was around my waist.

Before I could wrap my arm around his waist, someone passed a cup to me.

The liquid in the cup glowed yellow like the sun, and smelled sweetly. I took a sip, and then another, and soon the cup was empty. It tasted like honey, and sugar cookies, and warm summer days.

I was given another cup, but the boy took it from me. “You can’t drink too much, else you won’t make it through this night.”

“But it was so good,” I whined. “I want more. I need more.”

“If it is misfortune that you wish,” he said, and handed the drink back to me.

I gulped it down, and soon the cup had emptied, and I tossed it to the ground.

My head felt light, but my feet felt lighter. I felt like I could dance the night away.

This night was amazing, I wanted to remember this night, each and every moment, and I never wanted to leave, and I realized I had said all of those things out loud.

“Well, then we shall not waste a moment,” he said, and he spun me around, and soon we were lifting off of the ground, dancing in the air thanks to his wings.
We danced for a while before we landed to the ground.

I broke away from his grasp, spinning around, and around on my own accord.

I stole a cup of the glowing drink from a faerie, and I drank it so fast that it dribbled down the sides of my mouth.

Everything blurred around me.

My feet were not my own, they were a slave to the flutes and drums and accordion music.

I don’t know how long I danced until my legs ached, and I needed to catch my breath, but I couldn’t stop dancing. But, at the same time all I wanted to do was dance.

I kept dancing, around, and around, and around again until I felt my body giving out from under me. Dawn peaked out from behind the trees, and I fell to the ground.

My eyes closed on their own. My breath was sallow, and I realized that I was dying.

“She shouldn’t have drank so much of our nectar,” I heard someone say.

“Greedy, greedy.”

“Not the first.”

“Won’t be the last.”

I felt a hand on mine, and I weakly opened my eyes to see the faerie boy.

“I am sorry, lovely. But, you didn’t listen.”

He kissed my lips before everything went black.

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It’s A Promise (Ben Solo X Reader)

You’re walking down the halls of First Order High when a group of girls walks up to you.

“Hey freak,” they say.

You try to ignore them and go on your way, heading down the staircase but they follow you.

“Where are you going, freak?”

One of them pushes you down the stairs and you fall on your hip. Laying on the floor you can hear them laughing. 

“There’s nothing funny about someone getting hurt,” a voice says and you look up to meet chocolate brown eyes. He looks at the group of girls. “Leave her alone.”

“Who even are you?”

“I’m your worst nightmare if you don’t leave her alone,” he growls and he glares daggers at them.

“Whatever,” one of the girls says and they leave.

He holds a hand out to you and smiles. You take his hand and he helps you up.

“Are you okay?” He asks. 

“I am now…” you mutter, looking at his mass of wavy black hair and smooth pale skin.

“My names Ben, Ben Solo,” he says and smiles an off kilter smile.

“I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N…what a pretty name,” he says.

“Thank you…” you say. “I don’t remember seeing you around here.”

“I’m new,” he says. “My first day.”

“I’d say welcome but this place is like Hell.”

“I hope I can change that,” he says.

“That better be a promise.”

“It is,” he says and lifts your hand, kissing the top of it. 

The Pirate Treasure

I was already at the Pirate King at age sixteen. I ruled the seas. I guess I thought that all that I wanted was all the gold, gems, and riches of the world.

But I learned there were some things in this world that were more important than the wide blue ocean.

There were some things more of a treasure than and the gold and gems in treasure chests.


There was something more important that bump, ba, bumped in my body.


It happened one day. It was the first time I met him that I truly felt alive.

The ship wasn’t headed in any direction. We left it afloat. I lounged in a lifeboat that was tethered to my ship.

I had fallen asleep when I suddenly felt water on my face. I sat up and saw a fin lower in to the water.

It’s some dolphin, I’m sure, I thought.

When suddenly a boy turned to me. He smiled widely. Had had wet tangles of Light brown hair around his face. He was beyond beautiful.

“What are you doing in the water?” I asked. We were in the middle of nowhere, and I didn’t recognize him from my crew.


“Swimming,” he said. “What else?” His voice was so goddamn cheerul.


“Well, come–” I started to say. I was going to invite him on board.


But he leaned back, his hands behind his bed, and he floated on top of the water, and a tail fin rose from the water. I followed the fin all the way up to his waist.



(The First Meeting)

“There’s no way…” I muttered.


“What that mermaids exist?” He said and laughed. “Of course I do.”


He grabbed onto my boat, and tipped it over. I cried out as I fell into the sea. “What the hell?”


“Get your sea legs, captain,” he said and winked.


“I’m no Pirate Captain, merman–” I said in between heavy breathes as I doggy paddled to wade the water.


“Well, Captain, I’m not just a merman, my name is Aranis,” he said.


“I told you! I’m not a Captain! I am Diarmud the Pirate King!”


“Pirate King, huh?” He asked. “Impressive”


“Quite so, Aranis.” I managed to climb back into my boat, and I sat in it.


“Well, if we’re being technical…my name is  Prince Aranis. I live in the Underwater Realm of Atlantis where I will someday rule as King.”


“So, I rule the seas up here,” I said and gestured around. “And you will rule the waters down below?”


“Correct,” he said with a grin. “Well, I’ll be off!” And just as quickly as he came, he ducked down into the waters.


“Wait!” I cried out. My heart was beating in a manner I’d never known. It felt like my greatest treasure of all was sinking into the seas.


“What?” He said as he came back to the surface.


I felt relief flood my body as I saw his gentle face, his soft blonde hair, and his chiseled physique. I was starting to fell the effects of what I once thought was a myth, a fiction. But I was thinking that this was love at first sight.


“I’ll be back,” he said with a wink, and then he swam down below.


“Drop anchor!” I shouted. “The ship stays here!”


“Aye, aye captain!” My crew replied.


And at the same time the next day, Aranis returned.


“Hello,” he said, holding the sides of my boat.


“Aranis,” I said. “If I may be so forward: I missed you…”


“Even if that is so,” he said. “Nothing can ever come of this, my King.”


“As King of these Seas, what I want can happen, Aranis.”


He smiled softly, and lifted himself up, and he leaned into my face, kissing me softly. I kissed him back and we never stopped.


It was like this for days.



(The days spent in love)

But soon my crew grew tired of staying in the same place, and we were running low on supplies.


“Come with me,” I told Aranis.


“But it cannot be?”


“I have found a way, my pet,” I said, and I held out my hand to him, “Do you trust me, my treasure?”


He gulped down hard as if he could swallow down his anxieties. He took my hand and said, “Yes.”


I live on the seas. My crew and I get supplies, and then go back on the water. I send my crew out on fool’s errands, on trips with treasure marks that only sometimes lead to gold.


I didn’t care.


I walked into my quarters, where the only treasure I needed was there.


Aranis swam behind glass. He held his hand out, pressing it to the glass, and I pressed my hand against his. He mouthed, “Help me. Free me.”


If he weren’t in water, tears would stream down his face. He was full of the deepest sorrows.


But he was my greatest treasure, and as Pirate King? I would never let him free.

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Interrogate Me Kylo Ren X Reader

You wake up feeling cool metal around your wrists and ankles, and darkness in front of your eyes. You struggle to get out of the restraints to no avail.

A light comes on and in front of you is no other than Kylo Ren, donning his famous helmet and black robes. How did you end up here?

“Where am I?” You shout.

“You’re my guest,” he replies.

“Let me go.”

“You have the information that I need,” he says.

“I’ll never tell you.”

“You know I can take whatever I want,” he says before bringing his hand to the side of your head, concentrating deeply as his eyes penetrate yours.

You feel a pain in your head like something is being taken out, as he describes pieces of your life. You realize that he can read your mind.

“Get out of my head!”

He immediately withdraws his hand from your head and you feel his presence leave. He is no longer reading your mind.

You exhale a sigh of relief.

“I can do that at any time I want, you know,” he says. “Don’t get too comfortable.”

“I wouldn’t count on it,” You say, practically spitting in his face. “It’s hard when there’s a creature in a mask.”

He laughs softly and removes his helmet, revealing silky black waves of hair and smooth pale skin. You hate how attractive he is.

“Now tell me what I need to know,” he says and raises his hand. He smirks as he undoubtedly reads your thoughts of how painfully soft his lips look. “Interesting…” He lowers his hand, and steps towards you. “Perhaps a different technique will work.”

He runs his gloved fingers along your bare arms and goosebumps raise underneath them. You hate every pleasurable feeling you get as his hand reaches your face and cups your chin in his hand. He runs his thumb along your lip and strokes it.

“If I give you what you want,” he says. “Give me what I want.”

“Just let me go,” you say, but your thoughts betray you. There is no place you’d rather be. You don’t even mind being bound. He is all that matters. You don’t even care about the information anymore. All you care about are those soft looking lips.

Revenge: Best Served Under The Full Moon

It’s a funny thing. Dying, I mean.

First there’s the shock, the whole: “Oh no! I’m dead”. (Insert explicative after explicative.)

The next part is when you realize that you’re not in Heaven, or Hell. No, you’re just a spirit, looking down at your dead body that’s lying in the middle of the woods.

That’s when you find out how you died.

How did I die? Oh. I was murdered. You know, a big tragedy. My ex-boyfriend, that asshole Trent, his weird brother, and his best friend, stabbed me to death. So many times, in fact, that I looked like Swiss cheese in that ugly white sweater that I wanted to throw away, but mom insisted I kept it.

And then I died in that ugly sweater.

I remember it clearly. My death, I mean.

Trent did the stabbing. His weird brother had smashed my skull in, and Trent’s best friend? He watched the entire thing. Sure he said “stop” a few times–wide-eyed and mouth agape–but he never stopped them. He never called the cops.

What did I do to deserve this death? Not a thing. Nothing.

The only thing I was guilty of was a terrible taste in men, clearly.

But that’s not the end of my story. No, just the beginning for me.

I looked down at my body, and that’s when I saw something glow. I looked up and saw that the Full Moon–big and yellow–was shining down onto my body.

The next part is kind of a blur, but I was back in my body again. My wounds healed, and I was back to life.

But as soon as I started to get up, I doubled over. I felt like I was dying all over again.

Bones cracking and crunching. I wanted to claw my skin away, it felt like it was rippling over thin and moving muscles. That’s when I looked down and saw paws, claws, and white fur.

I had turned into a wolf.

I felt alive in whole new way. I ran through the woods, wild and free. Eventually I tired out, and fell asleep on the forest floor.

When I woke up I was human again.

At first I wanted to tell someone. I wanted to tell the cops, after all, I was murdered. I did die. But by some miracle under that moon, I came back, stronger and more alive.

How do you explain that anyway? Go to the cops and say, “Yeah, so, um, Trent, his weird brother, and his best friend killed me, but I came back, and now I’m a werewolf.”

“Yeah, okay, crazy person!” They would say–and then shove me into a mental ward for life.

So that was out of the question. But then I thought of a deliciously devious idea. But was it really devious to plot to kill your murderers?

I found the clothes I was murdered in, dressed in them and found my way home, and I acted like nothing happened. Not a thing at all.

“Mara, what happened to your sweater?” My mom asked me as I walked through the front door. Not even a, “Mara, where have you been all night?” or “Mara, are you okay?”

She wasn’t worried about me–she was worried about the sweater.

I pulled the sweater up and over my head. I looked her straight in the eyes as I tossed it into the trash.

A side effect of dying and becoming a werewolf? You grow a pair.


I went to school, walked by The Murderous Trio, and flashed the biggest grin at them.

Trent screamed various explicative after explicative, his brother probably peed himself, and his best friend? Cried.

“What’s wrong?” I said. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

I went home after that. Another side effect of dying and becoming a werewolf? Apathy for school.

I waited until nightfall, waiting to turn into a wolf, but I never did. I guessed that it was true then what they say, that werewolves turn under the Full Moon.

I guess that’s also how I turned into one in the first place. There may not have been a God or a Heaven, but there sure as Hell was that moon shining over me.

I went to school everyday, just to walk by The Murderous Trio, and everyday I scared them. But they only knew half of my plan.


Finally after a month, it was the next Full Moon.

“I know what you did to Mara,” I wrote on a note, and left it in each of their lockers. I also said, “Tonight, go to where IT happened, or I’ll tell the Police.”

So, I went to the the woods. The Moon, full and shining, rose up to the sky. My bones cracked, and skin rippled, and I turned into a wolf again.

I howled in the distance and ran to the spot that I had died at. Sure enough Trent, his weird brother, and his best friend stood, shaking in their shoes.

I will spare you the gruesome details, but I chased them, and then I attacked them as brutally as they attacked me, and I didn’t stop until they were dead. I pulled them out of the light of the Full Moon, so that they wouldn’t come back from the dead.

They never woke up.

The next day it was all over the news: “Three teenagers attacked by a wild animal.” Along with their innocent faces from their school pictures, and…cue the crying parents! (Really tugs on your heartstrings doesn’t it?)

I laughed while they cried.

After all, would they have cried over them if they were actually convicted of my murder? If they were sentenced for life? If they were sentenced to death?

No one knew what really happened, and no one would ever know that that they had murdered me. No one even knew that I had died.

But that didn’t matter. I didn’t care.

“Such a tragedy,” they said on the news.

Hah. What a joke. It was my triumph. 

By Chances (Kylo RenXReader)

You eat lunch alone in the courtyard of First Order High like you do every day.
But out of the corner of your eye you see a mess of black hair over pale skin. You turn away from your lunch and see the boy walk over to a brick wall and punch it, hard. His fist comes back bleeding, and dripping red on the ground.

He turns to you and cocks his head to the side. You’ve never seen him before.

He’s wearing black jeans with a black v-neck shirt under a leather jacket.

You’re wearing leggings and a t-shirt, but you feel underdressed, like you should be wearing something stunning in front of a guy so…so…gorgeous.

“Ren!” A ginger haired boy says and runs over to the boy, slapping him on the back. “C’mon let’s go.”

“Alright,” Ren mumbles, while staring at you. He turns away from you and walks away with the ginger haired boy.


That night you go to the rock venue that you often attend, where local bands play. That’s when you see him show up on stage. He has a guitar slung across his body and he’s in front of the mic.

When he sings it’s like electric static running through your body. The bassbeat of the bassist, who you recognize as the ginger haired boy feels like a heartbeat. On drums is a girl with short blonde hair.

As Ren sings he locks eyes with you. The lyrics are a love song and it feels like he’s singing them right to you.

You can’t help but stare back at him, your body electric and your heartbeat bouncing.

When the song is over, he doesn’t even put away his guitar, he runs right to you and he takes your cheek in his hand and kisses you hard. You feel his warm and soft mouth against yours and kiss him back.

When he pulls back he sheepishly grins. “Hey, I’m Kylo Ren.”

Author’s Note: Not the greatest story, but I had fun writing it. Not so little known fact is that I’m obsessed with Kylo Ren, so naturally I had to write a Kylo Ren fanfiction. Also, the featured image is misleading, this isn’t Reylo, this is Kylo RenXReader.

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